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A Pair of Gryffindors Out After Curfew


Never before in his life had Wyatt ever wanted to make someone shut up this much. Like, the witch was ready to just snap his fingers and snatch away the kid’s voice, silencing him from ever talking until he gave him the choice too. But then that would be an abuse of his power… wouldn’t it? And Wyatt wanted people to like him. Like really like him, not just suck up to him because they were frightened or felt the need to. But because they really thought he was someone worth being friends with, someone who really wasn’t all that high up on his pedestal.  

But yeah, this kid, what was his name… Longbottom? Okay great last name. But no, this guy had Wyatt rolling his eyes in annoyance as he lectured him on Filch, the house points, ‘staying in after curfew because it was dangerous otherwise’. To which Wyatt just continued to glower, picking at his nails until he had finally had enough. Grinning cheekily, the Twice-Blessed said a simple word. “Cya.” before he orbed out of the room and to the main corridor.

Once there he continued walking, trying to sense for the magical room he really wanted to tamper with. But as he strolled along in the darkness, his concentration focusing on that room, he hadn’t noticed the silhouette coming his way. Reaching out, the witch lightly grabbed a hold of whoever’s arm it was. Even if it was Filch or a teach’, he didn’t want them to fall flat on their ass. “Crap. I’m sorry. Are you okay?” The whitelighter was pretty sure that it wasn’t the authorities, because the shape was just a few inches shorter than him. Though he was really tall. 


Dorea couldn’t help it she laughed.   “Yeah yeah, I’m alright,” she told him flashing a smile at the taller blonde once she was straightened up and looked at the person she had colliding with.   It was Wyatt Halliwell, everyone knew him and most of the school was afraid of him and what he could do.   Dorea thought everyone was generally stupid for that.    Afterall, everyone was a bit different, he just had more magic than everyone else.

"You’re Wyatt right?  If you’re looking to sneak some food from the kitchen you’re going in the wrong direction," she told him carelessly.   "Or were you looking for something else?"  Okay maybe she had a little bit of a marauder in her, after all, she was James Potter’s daughter.   Where as Harry didn’t seem to be into those things…   She completely blamed their family for that.   Basically driving that out of Harry.   Dorea had a knack for staying out of trouble but still loved pranks, managing to keep from letting anyone know it was her.

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Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
Well, now they know

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it me back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door

I don’t care
What they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway

All I need from OUAT season 4 is for either August or Henry to ask Elsa if she want’s to build a Snowman.

Writers don’t write from experience, though many are resistant to admit that they don’t. I want to be clear about this. If you wrote from experience, you’d get maybe one book, maybe three poems. Writers write from empathy.

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Never presume that I will not act on my worst instincts.

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History: Sarah, No More (Mostly Canon Storyline)

Sarah, No More

Dorea was raised in an orphanage after parents’ deaths.   Not many knew about her and Hagrid didn’t think to look for another child.   At the beginning of her First Year she discovers she has family.

Can take place anywhere from Books 2-7.

Dorea was born June 1, 1981 at Godric’s Hollow.   It had been a difficult pregnacy and delivery where Dorea gave birth to a little baby girl named Dorea Carina Potter.   For the next nearly five months, she was a rather content baby though she was a bit a fussy baby, they always are.

It was the night of October 31st that would change it all.    She was unaware the night her parents were killed and her older brother Harry taken away.    She was left alone in the house that was falling apart.   No one knew until hours later when she started screaming and the fidelis broken that she was discovered and placed in Fanny’s Orphanage for Children.

Dorea grew up being a bit of a scrapper.   She didn’t take anyone’s crap as a child and still didn’t.  She would stand up to anyone she had to and had been prepared to continue this way, there were so many failed adoptions on her part.   She wasn’t what they were looking for in the end.   Dorea soon found at eleven an entire world she had belonged to at birth.

She had discovered her name wasn’t Sarah, but Dorea Potter.   Apparently her name had gone in the Hogwarts registrar the day she was born even if no one had known about her.   Magic has a way for making things happen.   It was when she went to get her things at Diagon that she learned a few things, that her parents hadn’t willingly given her up, they had been murdered.   She had an older brother, Harry who didn’t know about her, no one knew about her.

Dorea tried to find anything she could about her family, what were they like, favorite things, anything she could have learned and she wasn’t one to shy away from asking questions.   The surprise was the wand, Yew which was known for both its rarity and the notorious for the users which are known for being powerful and fierce fighters.   It would never choose a timid owner.   Add the Heartstring from a Norwegian Ridgeback, it was meant for someone with potential power and unlikely to choose another owner.

At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Gryffindor.   Most people claimed they weren’t surprised.   Dorea however felt a little unsure and was instantly bombarded with questions and being the strong personality she was, when she was uncomfortable she would tell them to shove off.   She didn’t let people push her further than she was willing to go.   She loved most of the year and tried to get to know her brother.   She hated Defense, she thought most of the girls her age were stupid but she loved Potions class even if Severus Snape was a jerk to most everyone.  She tried to be friendly to everyone and help where she could though trying to help her brother proved to be more difficulty.

The summer before third year was one she would rather not have relived.   Dorea learned to dislike her cousin intensely as well as her Uncle and Aunt.   According to her Aunt, she was a constant reminded of Lily.  Aunt Petunia didn’t take it well to be asked if she could tell her anything.   When Aunt Marge came to visit, Dorea hated her ten fold and lost complete control like her brother but not as amazingly.   Dor was right along with him marching out of that house, angry, especially with things that had been said.   Dor had a black kneazle for a familiar, he had been one of the kneazles Mrs. Figg had been breading and been a gift for her twelfth birthday.   She later learned to acquire a license.  So for the rest of the summer she spent the summer with her brother in Diagon Alley and shared stories about their childhoods.

Year Two wasn’t the cheeriest of the ones she had but she would later find that none of them were.   She had been effected just as her brother had for different reasons.   When she was no more than seven she had been going to visit one of her friends who had been attacked  on the sidewalk, she died before the paramedics had come and all the while she had been unable to do anything.   This year despite all of that, she lilked it except the whole bit where a deranged lunatic was after her brother.   At the end of the year, she learned a few things she missed out on.   Sirius Black was innocent and Harry’s Godfather and possibly her’s too.   He and Professor Lupin went to school with her parents so naturally she did the only thing she could, she penned them letters.

It was during the summer she discovered something that had been hidden from her and Harry, an entire family.  Apparently they were Sirius’s third cousins through Harry and her grandmother, Dorea Black to whom she was named after.   She kept in contact even during fourth year and was taken along with her brother to see Sirius.    Dorea thought that the school was all mad that they believed he would would willingly believe he would put his name in his cup.

It was the summer of four year that things got worst and that school year that she learned to hate someone that exceeded that of death eaters and ol moldy shorts himself.

(Year 5 to 7 depends on if you want storylines where Sirius lived or not)

Dorea has never been a fan of Mother’s day.   She treats it like every other day.   Just another Sunday.


Karen Gillan and Caitlin Blackwood


Karen Gillan and Caitlin Blackwood